Air France Industries – France

(…) The trial on the DARC Base Pack we have conducted with your assistance over two years from 2001 enabled us to get accustomed to using this equipment and to appreciate how easy and quick it is put into use.(…)

Armasuisse – Switzerland

(…) These mats have been declared “Suitable for Troop Use” and are intended for Aircraft Racovery on our military Airfields.(…)

Flughafen Stuttgart – Germany

(…) All the advantages of the mats has been confirmed in each use: low weight, easy and simple handling, good sizes for transportation, easy cleaning, very high stability on the ground by high compression. This advantages and the unlimited possibility of use for every kind of aircraft are for us the reason why we will continue to acquire them. .(…)

Frankfurt Airport – Germany

(…) We have used your products on numerous actual aircraft recovery incidents as well as during training exercises. In all case, your products were used under extreme conditions and always proved to be reliable.(…)

Luxembourg Airport – Luxembourg

(…) We hereby confirm that this equipment was full satisfactory during our varuious exercises and also recoveries for the last five years.(…)

Czech Airports Authority – Prague – Czech Republic

(…) TOW-MAT can be easily handled. Installation is quick and whole kit can be easilly transported in common type of vehicle. With skilled crew we can build an access road in several minutes.(…)

Stansted Airport Limited – London

(…) We have always appreciated the good level of reliability of the above products made according to the last updated technology. The DARC Base is an annovated concept which allows quick deployment of a secure base and improves height lifting capacity but reduces manual handling..(…)