Before starting recovery, tethering is an essential operation. The goal is to stabilize the aircraft in order to avoid slippage. These tensions devices, made according to European standards, give the right tension according to the aircraft structure.


Tethering equipment’s purpose is to stabilize the aircraft. The kit includes a tirfort, flat anchors, and shackles. Tension meters allow the user to monitor the tension when spanning or lifting during aircraft recovery. This equipment is composed of an LCD display which allows the user to follow the operation.


Towing the aircraft back to the runway is the last procedure in an aircraft recovery. Therefore, the equipment must have a large safety coefficient and be made with high quality materials. Our equipment includes shackles, ropes, tension meter, cables, and pulley.

Load Cell Software Kit

It is more and more requested to follow and keep the pulling datas on aircraft gears when a towing was performed. The PC link via USB port allows following, through a curve on your lap top, the strength which is applied on the gear. The software can follow at the same time 8 load cells.

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