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As a full-service and solution provider on aircraft recovery services, the company Deschamps is operating and managing an AIRCRAFT RECOVERY TRAINING & COMPETENCE CENTER at London-Stansted Airport.
The ARTCC is an international recognized training institution specialized
in aircraft recovery training and all subjects around aircraft recovery. Deschamps experts and instructors are highly educated and always up-to-date to meet international standards. Our experience is your
benefit when we provide our aircraft recovery solution to you.

Aircraft Recovery Services

Deschamps aircraft recovery experts have the know-how to custom-design aircraft recovery programs meeting airports or airlines specific needs. Deschamps provided aircraft recovery and airport safety consultancy services and project management to different organizations around the world. The variety of our aircraft recovery services will meet your particular needs.

Our Service at a Glance:

• Aircraft recovery capability survey of your airport – survey report
• Develop a customized aircraft recovery concept (Emergency plan, local recovery team, etc.)
• Assistance with assessing and procuring aircraft recovery equipments
• Authority assistance to implement National Law and Regulations
• Annual Review and update of your aircraft recovery concept
• Annual visual inspection of your recovery equipments
• Regular maintenance on our aircraft recovery equipment
• Support on aircraft recovery related issues
• Support clients in all issues related to aircraft recovery
• Project management in cooperation with ICAO-TCB
• Assistance with Tender specifications
• Emergency Response & Management
• Safety Management System

Aircraft Recovery Training


Deschamps designed courses meet the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARP`s) published by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in the Airport Service Manual Part 5 “Removal of Disabled Aircraft” and the recommended aircraft recovery training Syllabus, published by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA). We bring our training also to you. The training consists in classroom instructions and practical hands-on training. For realistic hands-on training we use our own Lockheed L-1011 Tristar.


Training courses

• Aircraft recovery fundamental course
• Refresher Training/Continuing Education
• On-site instruction on our recovery equipments
• Tailor-made training-courses


Training Outline

Theoretic Subjects:
• Legal Aspects of Disabled Aircraft Recovery
• Aircraft Recovery Equipment
• Determine the type of aircraft recovery Category
• Aircraft recovery operation process
• Aircraft Stabilization
• Load calculation and monitoring
• Ground reinforcement and stabilization
• Tethering methods
• Aircraft Lifting methods
• Aircraft Lifting Procedures
• Aircraft Recovery operation documentation
• Case Study
• Table-Top Exercises
• Aircraft Transport
• Administration issues
• After Use Inspection
Practical Subjects:
• Aircraft recovery situation assessment
• Familiarization with aircraft recovery equipment
• Developing an aircraft recovery plan
• Identify the required equipment
• Ground reinforcement and stabilization concept
• Tethering methods
• Placement and Operation of Aircraft Lifting Equipment
– Lifting Bags
– Spreader Bar
– Jacks
• Conducting of live Aircraft Recovery Operations
• Aircraft towing and winching



A team of two specialized instructors teach the end-users how to use the products included in the global offer.
Annual inspection of recovery equipments is also performed.

The customer sends a team in France or USA, for basic trainings (theoretical and practical) on the recovery and products.

Open to all people involved in Aircraft recovery, theoretical and practical trainings are performed by recognized recovery specialists. A complete aircraft recovery (debogging, lifting, and moving) is included.

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