EVPath is a Visible, portable, non-slip roll-out polyester Pedestrian Evacuation Mat. It is an efficientway to set up a firm temporary walkway at the bottom of evacuation slides or underneath aircraft wings to enhance access by passengers as well as Rescue and Firefighting Services. It also provides mobility, in snow, mud and poor visibility conditions.

Ground mat lighting

For a better visibility the EVPath™ edges are made with retro-reflective lines on both sides.

Bright Color for Greater Visibility

Most aircraft incidents occur during bad weather conditions or at night. EVPath™ is available in RED or BLUE colors to contrast with snow, mud and grass.

Lightweight for Quick Installation

The EVPath™ polyester surfacing weighs 0.27 lb/sq.ft. and is light enough for two people to rapidly carry and deploy it manually within minutes. If practical, the EVPath™ can be anchored to the ground with staples.

Easily Connected

EVPath™ mats are rapidly connected using X-shaped connectors. They can be dismantled and reassembled in seconds to accommodate rapid operational requirements.

Versatile and Available in Various Widths

The Mobi-Mat® EVPath™ provides an immediate temporary pathway for passengers and Rescue and Firefighting Services. Offered in various widths, it can be easily configured to make different workspace sizes. Operational teams may use the mats to conduct subsequent operations such as temporary roadways or to move stairways.

Robust and Weather Resistant

The EVPath’s patented 3-D surface follows ground contour without permanent deformation. Made of 100% recycled polyester, the EVPath™ is porous and its corrugated surface resists weather conditions, from -40°F to + 176°F.

Use of Geotextile to in Poor Ground Conditions

In deep muddy areas, operational teamscan supplement the mat with a subsurface geotextile under the mat to prevent the mud from seeping through it.

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