If you are equipped with a Front-End Loader, then the Front End Loader Roadway Dispenser™ (F.L.R.D.™) is the ideal tool to deploy the Mobi-Mat for quick access and build a 13.8’ wide x 328’ long (4.20 m x 100 m long) of MM3™ temporary roadway.

Rapid and Easy Deployment

It takes only ten minutes and one operator to deploy four interconnected 82’ (25m) long sections of Mobi-Mat® and build a 328’ (100m) long roadway or to retrieve it entirely. To build the access way, the operator drives the vehicle forward while deploying the mat using the remote control.


The F.L.R.D.™ is adjustable to any type of loader using its hydraulic system. The F.L.R.D.™ can be connected to the Front End Loader either with vehicle connectors or with forks.

Robust and Automated System

High anti-corrosion steel beams strengthen and preserve the F.L.R.D.™ A remote control is used to ensure the winding and the unrolling of the mat is conducted systematically. The F.L.R.D.™ is equipped with a hydraulic system that connects to any Front-end Loader.

Removable reel

The roadway is wound round a removable beam. When the beam is empty, a new one can be installed by crane.

Simple Operation and Maintenance Procedures

User and Environment Friendly

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