DeschampsRecovery and Moving Systems have been designed and built to safely recover any sized disabled aircraft. With tremendous experience in the supply of aircraft recovery solutions, Deschamps innovation is able to offer its customers a system that ideally meets their needs.

The DRMS systems provide a solution to any recovery situation.


The trailers are designed to operate on uneven ground surface and are equipped with pendulum axles and hydraulic axle load compensation. The trailers can be combined to different size aircrafts. The bolster and lifting tables can be arranged by different spacer in various heights. The hydraulic axle load compensation will be used to lift the aircraft from the maintenance jags and then the aircraft can be moved.

Wing support:

The trailer with table provides the substitute for a defected main landing gear. The table can be hydraulically adjusted to the wing. The size of the lifting table can be extended for big aircrafts in order to provide enough surfaces.

Nose support:

The bolster for fuselage can be adjusted for all size of aircrafts. The bolster surface can be extended to cope with sensitive surfaces of new aircraft types due to use of composite materials.
The design respects the instructions of the aircraft recovery manuals of the aircraft makers.

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