Deschamps was established in 1860 and is headquartered in Angouleme, France.

Deschamps détouréWe develop, manufacture and distribute state-of-the-art Mobility Solutions worldwide. The Mobi-Mat ® Temporary Roadways, Helicopter Landing Pads, Aircraft Recovery Pathways and Tent Floors are all patented roll out flexible synthetic mesh or composite ground reinforcement materials.

Commercial Off-The Shelf (COTS) Mobi-Solutions improve your Force Projection and Sustainment worldwide.

1860 : Mr Alfred DESCHAMPS founded the company Deschamps in Voeuil & Giget in the suburb of Angoulême city, in the South West of France and specialized in the manufacturing of woollen felts for paper industry.

1910 – 1993 : Located in Nersac in the suburb of Angoulême city, in the South West of France, the company Deschamps was a leading producer of filtration belts and conveyors for the paper and food-processing industries.

1994 : Deschamps diversified and started producing roll-out beach access mats, temporary roadways, helicopter landing pads & shelter flooring from a patented three-dimensional polyester mat under the registered trademark Mobi-Mat® which stands for Mobility Matting and extensively for Mobility Materiel.

1996 : DESCHAMPS moved to larger premises, located in La Couronne, in the suburb of Angoulême city, in the South West of France where it still operates today.

Mobi-Mat Aircraft Recovery Flatrack Dispenser

1996 : Deschamps enlarges its Mobi-mat® range to mechanical roll-out mats dispensers either trailer-mounted or flatrack-mounted to offer Ground Mobility Vehicles to the Defense and Public works markets.

2001 : started DESCHAMPS MAT SYSTEMS INC (D.M.S. Inc.) located in New Jersey, USA.

2003 : Mobi-Mat® Helipad was selected by the US Marine Corps and Us Army as the best Helipad to support Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

2015 : At present, the combined staff of DESCHAMPS and DESCHAMPS MATS SYTEMS INC. as well as their associated Agents and Distributors provide a wide range of high quality roll-out composite and aluminum temporary roadway matting, Bridging, Helipad surfacing, inflatable aircraft recovery cushions, tent flooring,  ground mobility trailers and flatrack dispensers to numerous civilian and government customers world-wide.


The Group Deschamps, including its American subsidiary Deschamps Mats Systems, Inc. manufacturers of the Mobi-mat® range of temporary access pathways, roadways and mats dispensers were awarded the distinctive ISO 9001 certification since 2002.

The Group Deschamps’ ISO 9001 certification requires us to consistently provide a product that meets both customer and industry requirements.

It also holds us accountable for the continual improvement of our Mobi-mat® range.

The quality of Deschamps products and services depends on the expertise passed down from generation to generation. To maintain and develop this expertise, the Deschamps group pays constant attention to quality assurance, controls the quality of each product at every stage of the production and distribution process and implements a yearly evaluation by an independent body to preserve the integrity of its quality policy.