The DARC « DESCHAMPS Aircraft Recovery Cushion », also called Recovery Airbag, is a lifting system consisting of various inflatable and independent chambers or compartments made in heavy duty reinforced rubber, able to lift disabled aircrafts, without causing a secondary damage. The DARC range includes standard 5, 12, 15, 25, 30, 40, and 60 Metric Tons. DESCHAMPS also manufactures “custom-made” cushions.
The DESCHAMPS Recovery Airbags are in accordance with the ARM ( Aircraft Recovery Manual provided by the aircraft manufacturers) and with the Airport Services Manual-Part 5.

Unique manufacturing process

Each airbag is manufactured according to the hot vulcanization process in an autoclave (tyre technique), without any glue in order to significantly increase the airbag shelf life.


The bursting point is at 6 bar (84 psi) instead of 2 bar (30 Psi) for cold vulcanized bags. The top cushion which comes in contact with the aircraft includes eight individual compartments for matching perfectly the dihedral.


Drop threads inside the cushion fabric give a flat surface and ensure stability. Top and bottom parts are molded with male and female stripes to enhance the grip and prevent from sliding.

Resistant to

Kerosene, hydraulics, skydrol, UV, ozone, mud and water.

Easy handling

Each cushion is composed of five independent groups of three modules, each module having three compartments. Handles are moulded into each module for easy installation.

Easy positioning

The recovery airbags have a black bottom surface and a red top surface with a black centering cross which shows precisely the position of the bags when they are stacked.

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