The 12t, 24t and 70t Deschamps spreader bars (DSB) have been made to meet high requirements of aircraft recovery by using high quality raw materials.

Reliability from design to manufacturing

They are manufactured according to safety standard EN 1355 and welding standards EN-228-3 / EN-287, proving a high quality level during manufacturing process.

Tested components – safety coefficients

– High quality polyester slings – 7
– Shackles – 5
– Pulleys – 4
– Galvanized sling cables – 5

Lifting of aircraft thanks to balancing pulleys providing :

– Equal loading spread on each sling
– Constant and equal pressure onto the aircraft structure
– Optimal contact between slings and aircraft skin whatever the allowed location given by the ARM.

Quality Assurance / Quality control and testing

– Certified loading test bench.
– Calculation notes and installation, instructions, user’s manuals are supplied.

In option, a simplified range of spreader bars without pulleys is available.

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