You can build quick and safe temporary roadways with a Trailer Dispenser™ designed to easily carry, deploy and recover 13.8’ wide x 164’ long (4.20 m x 50 m long) rolls of matting in minutes.

Rapid and Easy Deployment

The deployment process can be carried out in reverse or frontwards (if your vehicle is equipped with a front towing attachment).
Only 5 minutes and 2 operators are required to deploy or retrieve two interconnected 82’ (25m) long sections of Mobi-Mat® Quick Access™ and build a 164’ (50m) long roadway.

Easy Transportation and Storage

Adjustable to any towing vehicle, the Trailer can be towed and used by any vehicle capable of handling the trailer.

Robust and Automated System

the Trailer Dispenser™ is made with high anti-corrosion steel beams. It includes stowage enclosures and a special remote control to ensure the systematic winding and the unrolling of the mat.

The Trailer Dispenser™ is supplied either with an electrical engine or hydraulic motor for operation of the reel.


A non-woven geotextile spool can be installed in the front rack and deployed simultaneously with the temporary roadway.

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