The flatrack-mounted roadway dispenser STANAG2413, autonomous and removable, is the ideal tool to deploy your Quick Access™ temporary roadway type MM3V25 4.20 m wide x 100 m long in less than 10 minutes.

Adaptability to the carrier

The « removable » dispenser is compatible with all vehicles equipped with a hydraulic lifting arm
Fitted with lashing points, the flatrack can be adjusted directly to the carrier frame.

Standardized design

Basic flatracks are designed according to standard STANAG 2413, but our flatrack can also be constructed according to Din 30722 or ISO 668 (ISO 20’ platform).


The « autonomous » dispenser is equipped with an independent hydraulic power to be reusable on any carrier.


The roadway is wound round a removable beam. When the beam is empty, a new one can be installed on the flatrack with a crane.

Easy transportation

Once loaded, the dispenser can be transported to be operational anywhere you need.

Rapid and easy deployment

Only 10 minutes and 2 operators are required to deploy 100 m of Quick Access™ type MM3V25.
To unroll the mat, the trucker drives in reverse while an operator unrolls the roadway with the remote control.
This procedure enables the truck to move constantly on carrying ground.

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