Accessing with Mobi-Mat® ground reinforcement Mat and deployment systems

Mobi-Mat Aircraft Recovery EVPath


EVPath is a Visible, portable, non-slip roll-out polyester Pedestrian Evacuation Mat. It is an efficientway to set up a firm temporary walkway at the bottom of evacuation slides or underneath aircraft wings to enhance access by passengers as well as Rescue and Firefighting Services.

Mobi-Mat Aircraft Recovery Quick Access


Enhance your Emergency Response Capability with the Mobi-Mat® Quick-Access designed to access and tow disabled aircrafts in the most critical ground conditions.

Trailer Dispenser™

You can build quick and safe temporary roadways with a Trailer Dispenser™ designed to easily carry, deploy and recover 13.8’ wide x 164’ long (4.20 m x 50 m long) rolls of matting in minutes.

Mobi-Mat Aircraft Recovery Flatrack Dispenser

Flatrack Dispenser™

The flatrack-mounted roadway dispenser STANAG2413, autonomous  and removable, is the ideal tool to deploy your Quick Access™ temporary roadway type MM3V25 4.20 m wide x 100 m long in less than 10 minutes.

Mobi-Mat Aircraft Recovery Front End Loader Dispenser

FLRD Dispenser™

If you are equipped with a Front-End Loader, then the Front End Loader Roadway Dispenser™ (F.L.R.D.™) is the ideal tool to deploy the Mobi-Mat for quick access and build a 13.8’ wide x 328’ long (4.20 m x 100 m long) of MM3™ temporary roadway.


Mobi-Mat Aircraft Recovery Cushions


The DARC « DESCHAMPS Aircraft Recovery Cushion », also called Recovery Airbag, is a lifting system consisting of various inflatable and independent chambers or compartments made in heavy duty reinforced rubber, able to lift disabled aircrafts, without causing a secondary damage. The DARC range includes standard 5, 12, 15, 25, 30, 40, and 60 Metric Tons. DESCHAMPS also manufactures “custom-made” cushions.

Mobi-Mat Aircraft Recovery Cushions Base

DARC Base™

HOW TO INCREASE THE LIFTING HEIGHT rapidly, safely, efficiently in emergency recovery situation ?
The DARC Base™ Inflatable Cribbing System is the solution.
The DARC Base™ is registered as IATA supplementary kit No 52-A.

Mobi-Mat Aircraft Recovery Spreader bar


The 12t, 24t and 70t Deschamps spreader bars (DSB) have been made to meet high requirements of aircraft recovery by using high quality raw materials.


Mobi-Mat Aircraft Recovery Tow Mat


The Tow-Mat, using the innovative and patented concept of Mobi-Mat®, is designed for creating ground reinforcement and towing rescue pathways for the recovery of any type of aircraft.

Mobi-Mat Aircraft Recovery Tethering and Towing


Before starting recovery, tethering is an essential operation. The goal is to stabilize the aircraft in order to avoid slippage. These tensions devices, made according to European standards, give the right tension according to the aircraft structure.

Mobi-Mat Aircraft Recovery Dollies and Turntable


Deschamps Dollies And Turntable have been designed and built to safely recover any sized disabled aircraft.

The DDAT Systems provide a solution to any recovery situation up to A-380.

Mobi-Mat Aircraft Recovery Moving Systems


DeschampsRecovery and Moving Systems have been designed and built to safely recover any sized disabled aircraft. With tremendous experience in the supply of aircraft recovery solutions, Deschamps innovation is able to offer its customers a system that ideally meets their needs.


Mobi-Mat Aircraft Recovery Training


As a full-service and solution provider on aircraft recovery services, the company Deschamps is operating and managing an AIRCRAFT RECOVERY TRAINING & COMPETENCE CENTER at London-Stansted Airport.