Deschamps Dollies And Turntable have been designed and built to safely recover any sized disabled aircraft.

The DDAT Systems provide a solution to any recovery situation up to A-380.


Available in 5 t, to 55t for nose gears or main gears damages. These one are used mainly for burst tyres or brake damages when the aircraft is sticked in the middle of the runaway. Such efficient and easy handling dollies will allow to clear the runway in the shortest time. These dollies can be used as “twins” in order to reach 60t or 90t.. The integration of the hydraulic suspensions allows for smooth pulling on difficult ground, avoiding secondary damages.


For aircrafts with defective nose gears, it can be adap- ted to any fuselage shape for a large or narrow aircraft. Deschamps DARC can be used as interface between turntable and aircraft structure.

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