Enhance your Emergency Response Capability with the Mobi-Mat® Quick-Access designed to access and tow disabled aircrafts in the most critical ground conditions.


The Mobi-Mat® Quick-Access can be used as vehicles roadways or aircraft towing surface.


Permits any heavy and low clearance wheeled vehicles (emergency vehicles, fire trucks, defuelling tanks, towing tractors, etc.) to reach the disabled aircraft quickly and safely. For high vehicular traffic, the rolls are easily anchored onto the ground with stakes.

Excellent load bearing capability

Strengthening bars are inserted in the mat every 15 cm (6”) increasing the load bearing capability of the ground while reducing rutting.

Rapid deployment and recovery

Can be achieved with Automatic Deployment Systems. Manual positioning can be performed with laying and recovery straps included.

Unique non-slip and flexible matting

With its patented tridimensional surface, the Mobi-Mat® Quick-Access offers an excellent grip and is usable on any surface or ground contour. No risk of puncturing the vehicle tires unlike metal plate.

Resistant to

Corrosion, rot, chemicals, petroleum fuels (AVGAS-KEROSENE : JET A1, JP7, JP8, TS1, FSII, …) and hydraulics, skydrol.

Long shelf life and low maintenance

Easily cleaned with a high water pressure system. The Mobi-Mat® Quick-Access rolls can be stored in harsh conditions.

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