HOW TO INCREASE THE LIFTING HEIGHT rapidly, safely, efficiently in emergency recovery situation ?
The DARC Base™ Inflatable Cribbing System is the solution.
The DARC Base™ is registered as IATA supplementary kit No 52-A.

Fast & Safe

DARC BASE is manufactured with the same process as the DARC recovery cushion : the hot vulcanization process in an autoclave. Instead of using wood and timber, the use of DARC BASE is fast and safe to reach the right height.

Usable with any Airbags

Designed to be used with the DARC, the dimension of DARC BASE can fit any airbags available on the market.

Stackable to reach very high wings

Designed to reach very high wings, two DARC BASE can be stacked on the top of each other.

Easy to store once folded

After use, DARC BASE can be stored easily in a minimum volume.

Easy installation & repositioning

DARC BASE has a black bottom surface and a red top surface with a black centering cross which shows precisely the position of the bags when they are stacked. Handles are moulded into each DARC BASE for easy installation and positioning.

Resistant to

Kerosene, hydraulics, skydrol, UV, ozone, mud and water.

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